Research Finding Published in the Journal Engineering Structures
  |  Updated: 2023-01-31  |  Views: 1013

Research Finding titled as “Behavior of Double Skin Composite Core Wall subject to Biaxial Cyclic Loads” by structural and anti-seismic team of Anhui Province Key Laboratory of Green Building and Assembly Construction were published in the journal Engineering Structures, which is internationally renowned in the field of structural engineering with Impact Factor of 5.582. With Dr. Xu Dan as the first author, it is co-authored by Senior Engineer Mr. Xiang Bingquan, Research Mr. Wang Tao, Professor Yan Jiabao.

In this paper, the mechanical properties of double-steel-plate concrete composite structure under fixed axial pressure and horizontally bi-directional loading are studied in detail. As representative research finding concerning double-steel-plate concrete composite structure, it can provide data support and scientific basis for application of double-steel-plate concrete composite wall.

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